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The 8 Acronyms of Extreme Achievement

I am sharing this email sent to me by Robin Sharma for all of you to read, understand and 

From: wisdom@robinsharma.com
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A quick but strong and valuable piece of information about getting you from where you now are to where you’ve always wanted to be is belowplease read it with care… 

As I write this, just finished a 3 hour presentation for a group of brilliant business leaders. 

They were smart, energetic and open to learning (remember: the moment you think you know everything you know nothing). 

One of the pieces that kickstarted their passion and got them all talking was the section on The 8 Acronyms for Extreme Achievement… 

if you’ve read my books like The Leader Who Had No Title and The Greatness Guide you know I adore my acronyms… 

and here are 8 of the best (apply them over the next 90 days so you finish this year at your very bestthere’s still enough time to make this year legendarybut you need to get moving swiftly now)… 

The 8 Acronyms for Extreme Achievement 

#1: APR: Absolute Personal Responsibility 

Nothing in your personal, physical, professional and financial life will change until you start making your changes. Human beings are really really good at self-deception (lying to ourselves keeps us from pain). And playing The Victim. 

But the beginning of transformation is awareness. And the very moment we stop blaming others and conditions for what’s not world-class in our lives is the moment we take back our power to dramatically alter our situation. 

APR is all about waking up to the reality that your current reality (in whatever areas are most important to you) have not been caused by your boss or by your spouse or by your childhood or by the world. You created them (via your thinking, behaviors and performance). And once you truly get this, you’ll be in the beautiful position to make the new choices that will deliver all-new results. 

#2. NSI: Never Stop Improving 

Study Jay-Z or Cirque du Soleil or Zuckerberg or Lady Gaga. All extreme achievers have one belief in common: good enough is definitely not good enough. 

To start seeing explosive gains in your achievement levels, I invite you to make the commitment to using every single day of the rest of your long life as a platform for improvement and a vehicle for daily optimization. 

Remember: as you live this day, so you craft your life (the best way to predict the future is to create it in the present). Leave everything you touch 1% better. Never stop improving your mindset. Never stop improving your communication. Never stop improving your fitness. Never stop improving your productivity. Never stop improving your knowledge baseyou get my point… 

#3. BIW: Best In the World 

The whole name of the game is to win. And winning is less about being better than others and a whole lot more about outperforming who you were yesterday (hint: you can’t get to be the extreme achiever you’ve always dreamed of becoming, stuck in the think and action patterns of the person you’ve always been). - 

And when you’re all about the hot pursuit of Mastery, Excellence and Exceptionalism (not so you become the best in the world but so you express your best), the inevitable result is that you become one of the best in the world.

You really were born into greatness. But the world may have schooled it out of you. 

You really have something special within you. But life may have suggested it out of you. 

Today’s an awesome day to make the choice that will change the game for youand start standing for your highest and best. 

#4. ABDOV: Always Be Delivering Outrageous Value 

Your life comes alive when you devote it to service. The secret of happiness truly is helpfulness

We live in The Generosity Economythe person who helps the most will profit the most (not only in terms of your joy-levels but financially as well). 

When you train your brain to focus on the mission “how may I help the most people?” and when you begin to see yourself as a walking talking living breathing value contributor, success, abundance and breathtaking levels of well-being beat a path to your front door. - 

#5. KMF: Keep Moving Forward Study the excellent research of Angela Lee Duckworth and you’ll discover that the #1 factor that determines whether you’ll become an extreme achiever or an average person comes down to one thing… 

it’s not your IQ. 

it’s not your looks. 

it’s not where you live or where you’ve been. 

It’s a world she calls “Grit”your ability to persist, stay passionate and get your biggest goals done (in the face of being laughed at, bumping into obstacles and even being filled with self-doubt). 

KMF is all about moving ahead–when things are easy but even more essentially, when times are hard. 

You show us how badly you want your dreams when you press ahead in the most difficult of times. Remember: Victims surrender to adversity while Extreme Achievers exploit it to their advantage. 

#6. FMOB: The First, The Most, The Only and The Best 

First mover advantage. The great spoils of success don’t come to the person who got the brilliant idea but to the performer who got the idea done. 

Ideation without execution is mere delusion. 

Stop telling us you’ll start your business or get ultra-fit or fall in love or change the world. Talk’s just cheap. Action speaks louder. Just go do itand then tell us what you did. 

Being a FMOB is about committing to becoming legendary. An icon. A giant on the planet. And using your life to make history. 

#7. LWT: Lead Without a Title. 

You can lead without the need for a position or formal authority. I’ve spent over a decade criss-crossing the world teaching this concept to the likes of FedEx, GE, NIKE, The Coca-Cola Company, IBM and Oracle. 

The real idea is this: every day when you walk out into the world, you have a choice: you can show victimhood or you can inspire us via your leadership. 

the flight attendant on the Delta flight from San Diego to Minneapolis last week who gave me green tea from her purse showed pure leadership. 

the school crossing guard who I saw dancing on the street to make the kids laugh is a leader. 

the chef at the Colombian restaurant I ate at recently who worked like Picasso painted and lit up the room with his fierce passion for perfection is a leader. 

Become the CEO of your job responsibility, the Master of Your Craft and The Captain of Your Fate… 

and please own the idea that success is not reserved for the luckyit’s the domain of the leadersand people just like you with the vision, guts, discipline and devotion to use their lives to make spectacular things happen. 

You CAN do thiswill you? 

#8. WTOH: What’s The Opportunity Here? 

This is a tool I teach to my elite coaching clients. And it works wonders when used consistently, to the point of it become your default way of thinking. 

You see, a problem only becomes a problem when you view it as a problem. 

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10 things I've learned since quitting my job

Credit: Anna Lundberg

What are 10 things I should know that will make me quit my job this year? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.
Answer by Anna Lundberg, life coach, trainer, and mentor, on Quora:
Here is something that I wrote a year after I quit my job; each of the 10 things I highlighted that I had learned since quitting have the power to reassure you about life after quitting.
However, all this being said, this is still your decision and nothing and no one should "make you" quit your job, this year or any other year! That's an important decision that you need to make based on your personal values and goals, where you are now, and where you want to get to.

10 things I've learned since quitting my job

In September 2013, I walked out of my office and into the unknown. I had resigned from my job, the first after my studies, with no concrete plans as to what I would be doing next. I emptied my apartment of seven years, put my boxes into storage, and moved into my parents' guest room as I thought about my next move.
My intention since the start had been to create a more independent and flexible lifestyle. I wanted to continue to work in digital marketing, where I had both the knowledge and the passion from my previous role; to pursue my more creative side by taking my writing more seriously; and, of course, to combine all this with the opportunity to travel and to spend time with friends and family.
So far, so good! This time last year, I officially incorporated my own consulting business and I've been busy on great projects ever since, working with big-name clients, making new connections, and sharpening my skill set. I finished my MatadorU travel writing course and I've been maintaining a regular post schedule and a growing reader base on my blog, as well as contributing guest posts to other websites. And I've continued my travels with weekend breaks in Europe as well as a longer trip to New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.
So what have I learned, one year on?
1. Life on the other side is not as scary as you think.
As I looked out at the world from the comfort of a steady job, the fear of leaving that security behind was almost paralyzing. Once I had made the decision to quit and my perspective shifted to one of zero salary, 100 percent possibilities, that fear all but disappeared. I felt empowered and excited by my ability to make things happen, and I armed myself with information by reading books about freelancing and consulting, talking to people who had set up their own businesses, going to events where I met like-minded people. I also realized that the security I had felt in my previous job was an illusion; people get fired, departments are restructured, companies fold. Don't let fear of the unknown keep you in a job that makes you unhappy.
2. You have to stick to your guns.
I thought I'd made The Big Decision once and for all, but I've had to keep questioning myself. The call of the corporate world is loud and alluring: Recruiters call with tempting job titles, my parents worry about my pension, clients want full-time support. Each time, I have to reaffirm my decision to leave that world behind, and each time, I come out that much stronger and more determined to stick with my new way of life. I've always looked to other people for reassurance and confirmation that I'm making the right decision, but I know now that I'm the only one who knows what's right for me. So once you've made that decision, run with it, trust your instincts, and don't look back.
3. There are more options than you ever thought possible.
In my previous job, I was surrounded by people with the same academic background and with the same ambitions of salary increases and promotions. We were all comfortable within that world and unsure of what lay beyond. As soon as I had left, though, I encountered people with diverse backgrounds, with much broader ambitions, and with altogether different priorities. Traveling in particular allows you to meet people with all kinds of plans, and lack of plans, and this is both reassuring and inspiring. Open your eyes, and your heart, to the different ways of life that are out there and you may be surprised at the possibilities that are open to you.
4. You can easily live on less money than you think.
With a monthly salary flowing into my bank account, I was buying clothes I didn't need, taking taxis, and going out with no thought of the future. Being "unemployed," I became more prudent: I bought fewer lattes, I walked more, I canceled Spotify Premium; and I didn't feel at all sorry for myself. It's quite painless to cut down on little luxuries, and having some buffer of savings will also give you added security and confidence to pursue your plans. The danger is actually the opposite: Once the money starts flowing in again, it's easy to upgrade your spending habits to previous levels. So focus on the true necessities, and then spend the extra on experiences--travel, friends, family--rather than buying material things that will only clutter up your life. And, yes, do think about saving and investing for a rainy day...
5. New opportunities will appear from nowhere.
I left my job without knowing exactly what I was leaving for. I had thoughts of travel, starting a consultancy, taking a year off "to write," taking another full-time job in an exotic location or in a not-for-profit organization. Since leaving, I've become involved as a mentor in two start-up incubators, run workshops with big companies, worked on exciting projects with big-name brands, and done interviews and guest posts for various blogs and websites. None of these things were even on my radar while I was in my old job. I've also become aware of, and grateful for, an amazing network of people who are eager to make mutually beneficial connections and collaborations. So talk to friends and to strangers, go to networking events, and above all remain open to unanticipated opportunities from unexpected directions.
6. It doesn't have to be perfect from day one.
I was always looking for the ideal job, in the ideal location, in the ideal industry--but this fantasy doesn't exist. I moved to Geneva to work at the United Nations but ended up in consumer goods marketing, developing valuable skills and knowledge while making lifelong friends among my colleagues. I hadn't planned to move back to London but I've had some great opportunities here and for now at least I'm really enjoying it. And many of the seeds that I started sowing a year ago, which at the time didn't grow into anything concrete, are now bearing fruit. I don't expect to be a world thought leader and best-selling author living in my dream home by next week; but with each client, each project, each post, I'm shaping the life that I want. As long as you're progressing in the right direction, a step or two closer to where you want to be, then consider it a good move.
7. Nothing is forever.
It seemed like a huge decision to leave my job. I've realized, though, that the worst thing that can happen, in the event of my being unsuccessful in shaping a more independent lifestyle, is that I will have to go back to a full-time job. I know people who have decided to go back to a permanent role after a period of running their own business, happy in the knowledge that it's the right move for them. If my company isn't doing as well a few years down the line, or if I decide I want to do something else, I can always shut it down. If I don't like the country I'm in, I can always move. Nothing is set in stone, everything can be changed--if not immediately, then over time. So give it a try, and see how it goes.
8. You are not alone.
It's easy to feel like you're the only one with doubts, the only one not fulfilled--it's just not true. In my "Fearless Fridays" interview series on my blog, I've been talking to others who have left the corporate world behind to do something less conventional, whether it was to write about healthy eating, to produce TV shows, or to run an arts center for children. They all faced their own fears and challenges, and some have returned to the corporate world in some form or other, but not one of them regrets their move. Just pull up a chair in a hostel or even in your local pub and you're bound to meet someone on his or her own journey of self-discovery. It's up to you to find your own way, but there are millions out there who are with you in spirit.
9. You'll never have all the answers.
I've been on a steep learning curve this year. As a new business owner, I've had to learn about limited companies, corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, NI... I'm creating proposals, contracts, and invoices, I'm editing the CSS of my website, and I'm devouring articles on both digital marketing and freelance writing. Possibly the biggest challenge has been finding the best way to balance work and income on the one side with fun and freedom on the other; but I'm learning! Don't wait for the point when you have the perfect plan and you've answered every possible question, as you're never going to have 100 percent certainty. There will always be some risk--but that's OK!
10. Not all who wander are lost.
Life doesn't have to be about finding a job, meeting the One, getting a mortgage, having children. It can be hard to watch "everyone" around you settling down; but if you don't want to follow that path now, or maybe ever, then there's nothing wrong with continuing to explore different paths, meeting new people, living in different cities, traveling the world. Life doesn't have an end point--well, except death, but I don't think you should be working toward that as a goal--so why not let it be an endless journey of discovery and continuous learning? I say, bon voyage! And if you happen to see me in that hostel bar, come and join me for a drink and we'll share our stories over a pisco sour.
This question originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. You can follow Quora on TwitterFacebook, and Google+

Friday, July 22, 2016

Tips Ubahsuai Rumah

Saya terpanggil untuk kongsikan tip ubahsuai rumah apabila baca posting dalam FB mengenai rumah kos rendah yang diubahsuai menjadi begitu cantik dan menarik. Tahniah kepada pemilik rumah tersebut.

Apakah ia baik dari segi pelaburan? Mungkin ya dan mugkin tidak. Disini saya nak kongsikan pandangan saya dan juga 'rules of thumb' mengenai ubahsuai rumah. Bukan apa yang nak diubahsuai tetapi berapakah nilai ubahsuai.

Secara amnya mengikut 'Rules of Thumb' kita tidak digalakkan ubahsuai hartanah kita melebihi 30% harga pasaran. Ini kerana harga jualan akan mengikut harga pasaran atau kurang lebih harga pasaran. Jadi jika kita belanja keterlaluan, kemungkinan untuk rugi adalah sangat besar. Tidak mengapa jika anda nak tinggal dirumah tersebut. Anda boleh belanja sebanyak mungkin, kata anda, untuk puashati dan lebih selesa. Tapi ingat, langit bukan sentiasa cerah. Kadang-kadang mendung dan ada kalanya hujan sangat lebat hingga banjir. Jadi kita perlu bersedia untuk hadapi 'hujan lebat atau banjir'. Jika perlu dan terdesak, boleh jual rumah kita untuk kelangsungan hidup. Jangan menyesal kerana kita hanya boleh jual pada kurang lebih pada harga pasaran. Percayalah, nilai ubahsuai yang melampau tidak diambil kira oleh bakal pembeli.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cara Nak Pastikan Nilai Hartanah Dan Permintaan Sewa Sebenar Untuk Hartanah Yang Bakal Di Beli

Kredit untuk penulis En Faizul Ridzuan

Salam semua. Sebab ramai yang minta, saya nak kongsikan ilmu bagaimana nak pastikan nilai hartanah sebenar dan kadar sewa sebenar di kawasan hartanah yang bakal anda beli. Malah bila jumpa prospek utk 1on1, ramai yang tanya soalan yg begini :
"FR, saya nak beli hartanah bernilai 400k di kawasan xxxxx. Si penjual beritahu yang kadar sewa boleh dapat RM2000 sebulan. Berbaloikah untuk saya invest?"

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Indeks Kunci Pencapaian (IKP) atau Key Performance Index (KPI)

Ini sambungan Indeks Kunci Pencapaian (IKP) atau Key Performance Index (KPI) yang disiarkan pada 30Nov2015.

Mungkin ada baiknya anda baca dulu post saya yang terdahulu mengenai IKP. Barulah apa yang nak saya kongsikan dalam posting ini lebih relevan.

Sebagai seorang Islam kita beriman dengan hari kiamat, salah satu dari rukun iman. Kita percaya, hidup didunia adalah sementara sahaja. Selepas dunia kiamat, kita percaya tempat tinggal terakhir / penultimat ialah akhirat. Jadi bukankah kita perlu rancang tempat tinggal penultimat kita? Mesti anda pernah dengar;

 " Jika kita gagal merancang, kita merancang untuk gagal"

Friday, June 24, 2016

Ruginya Tidak Ada Kad Kredit

Jika anda tiada kad kredit, memang anda sangat-sangat rugi. Jiran saya salah seorang yang berfikiran bahawa kad kredit menyebabkan ramai orang muflis. Beliau hanya gunakan wang tunai untuk semua transaksi. Kata beliau lagi, dulu memang ada kad kredit tapi dah potong semuanya kerana beliau tak mampu kawal perbelanjaan kad kredit. Setelah jelaskan semua hutang-hutang kad kredit, beliau potong semua kad kredit beliau. Saya rasa beliau kurang bijak. Sebenarnya beliau kurang disiplin berbelanja. Beliau perlu kawal nafsu berbelanja tak kira guna kad kredit atau wang tunai. Bukan saya galakkan anda mohon kad kredit dan gunakannya sewenang-wenangnya.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rumah Teres Tak Sesuai Untuk Pelaburan

Pada amnya kenyataan di atas adalah benar kerana pada kebiasaannya rumah teres agak mahal dan sewanya lebih rendah dari bayaran ansuran pinjaman. Saya dah bincangkang mengenai DBD jika BDB. Jika Berani dan Berilmu, anda mampu menongkah arus. Jangan asyik dengar dan terus ikut saranan sifu-sifu hartanah. Memang mereka betul tapi pada amnya sahaja. Kita yang salah, pegang kata-kata mereka seperti mantera yg langsung tak boleh diubah. Mereka pun hanya manusia, bukan sempurna.

Seperkara lagi, perlu berhati-hati bila anda sertai ceramah mengenai pelaburan hartanah yang dibuat oleh pemaju. Mereka mungkin akan memanggil beberapa nama besar berceramah untuk mempromosikan produk mereka. Sudah dijemput, pada logiknya penceramah tidak akan mengatakan bahawa projek atau produk pemaju itu tidak bagus, dan secara tidak langsung menyebabkan anda terpikat untuk membelinya. Saya cuma kata berhat-hati.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Duit Buat Duit (DBD) Jika Berani Dan Berilmu (BDB)

Ramai yang tanya saya nak buat bisnes apa jika ada RMxxx,xxx sebab baru dapat duit EPF atau baru dapat pampasan MSS/VSS. Saya soal balik, 'Adakah anda BERANI?'. Jika jawapannya YA, saya tanya lagi  "Adakah anda BERILMU tentang bisnes?". Ramai yang tak boleh jawab. Walau pun mereka semasa bekerja dulu memberi nasihat kepada bakal-bakal usahawan. Bila tiba masa mereka sendiri nak jadi usahawan, mereka tak yakin mereka berilmu. Jadi, saya cadangkan kepada mereka simpan sahaja duit itu. Jangan buat bisnes 'brick and mortar'. Sebab kos untuk buka bisnes tinggi dan kos bulanan, terutama pekerja sangat membebankan. Saya cadangkan buat bisnes kecil-kecilan dari rumah sahaja. 

Jangan Bersedih Bila Jatuh, Bangun Cepat-Cepat Dan Berlari #3

sambungan dari Jangan Bersedih Bila Jatuh, Bangun Cepat-Cepat Dan Berlari #2

Salam Ramadan 

Jika anda belum pernah gagal, anda memang tidak dapat  rasakan macam mana situasi sebenar. Anda mugkin pernah baca bagaimana situasinya tetapi anda tak dapat rasakannya sendiri. Betapa perit dan susahnya untuk bangkit terutama untuk membangkitkan semangat.

Apakah sebenarnya kegagalan? Ada yang kata ia adalah pelajaran untuk menjadi orang berjaya. Ada yang kata, balasan Tuhan kerana keangkuhan kita dan kealpaan kita semasa senang. Apa pun, kegagalan menjadikan seseorang lebih kental, lebih matang dan lebih berhati-hati agar tidak masuk lubang yang sama untuk kali kedua.

Bagi saya, kegagalan adalah peringatan kepada saya. Peringatan bahawa rezeki itu milikNya. Segala usaha dan kerja-keras tidak akan membuahkankan hasil jika tidak dapat izin dariNya. Peringatan bahawa, segala kejayaan dan kesenangan yang diperolehi bukan hanya dari hasil usaha kita. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Jangan Bersedih Bila Jatuh, Bangun Cepat-Cepat Dan Berlari #2

Sambungan dari "Jangan Bersedih Bila Jatuh, Bangun Cepat-Cepat Dan Berlari #1"

Kegalan pertama sedikit sebanyak merobek keyakinan dan menipiskan simpanan. Namun kami tidak patah semangat dan teruskan lagi 2 perniagaan; 1 perniagaan francais dan satu lagi perniagaan cenderahati. Penutupan kedai di Batu Pahat tidak memberi impak negatif kepada pendapatan kami malah positif kerana kami tidak lagi perlu menampung ketirisan perniagaan tersebut.

Bekalan produk untuk perniagaan cenderahati diperoleh dari pembekal tempatan
dan dari beberapa buah negara lain. Jadi kami berpeluang untuk melancong ke Thailand, 
Indonesia dan China sambil membeli produk-produk untuk kedai kami. Memang seronok
dengan pelbagai pengalaman yang kami tempuhi terutama berkomunikasi seperti ayam dan itik di China untuk membeli kain dan kristal.

Walau pun lokasi kedai cenderahati kami di pusat bandaraya Kuala Lumpur bersebelahan Kompleks Pertama,ia tidak menjamin 'high traffic'. Pengunjung lebih minat untuk berkunjung ke Sogo dan kedai-kedai sekitar Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman hingga ke kawasan Masjid India. Selepas beberapa tahun kami dapati permintaan terhadap cenderahati agak kurang. Jadi, kami tukar kepada produk seperti kain pasang, telekung, tudung, selendang, kerongsang dan aksesori wanita. Namun pihak kompleks gemar mengadakan promosi jualan di lobi dan sekitar ruang kosong didepan kedai-kedai memberi kesan kepada jualan penyewa tetap.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Jangan Bersedih Bila Jatuh, Bangun Cepat-Cepat Dan Berlari #1

Perniagaan adalah 9 dari 10 sumber rezeki. Maka ramailah orang nak berniaga kerana mereka sangka berniaga adalah cara yang paling mudah untuk menjadi kaya. Tidak dinafikan bahawa jika berjaya, memang boleh jadi kaya. Perlu di ingat, langit tidak selalu cerah. Bukan sentiasa panas sampai ke petang, kadangkala hujan turun ditengah hari.

Saya nak kongsikan pengalaman saya berniaga sejak 1999. Sebelum memulakan perniagaan tentulah kita akan lakukan penyelidikan, bersedia dengan modal dan ilmu-ilmu berkaitan perniagaan. Setelah lebih setahun buat penyelidikan akhirnya kami pilih untuk membuka perniagaan francais. Alhamdulillah, perniagaan francais kami sangat maju dan berjaya mendapatkan balik modal yang dilaburkan tidak sampai 2 tahun. Lebihannya pula kami laburkan dengan membeli tanah dan juga simpan dalam ASB / TH. Kami simpan sebagai persediaan kemungkinan hujan ditengah hari kelak.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Indeks Kunci Pencapaian (IKP) atau Key Performance Index/Indicator (KPI)

Saya pernah sertai satu bengkel keushawanan dan saya rasa agak berbeza dari biasa. Sejak bekerja saya memang telah biasa dengan terma KPI dan kuadran2 pencapaian seperti training and development, sales dll. Sebagai pengurus, saya tetapkan KPI untuk tim saya sementara KPI saya ditetapkan oleh ketua saya.

Dalam bengkel keusahawanan tersebut saya tersentak apabila semua peserta diajukan soalan mengenai KPI sendiri untuk akhirat. Pernahkah kita buat KPI untuk diri sendiri? Kenapa kita sibuk buat KPI untuk pencapaian dunia tapi tak buat KPI untuk pencapaian alam yang kekal kelak?

Pernahkah kita terfikir untuk buat KPI akhirat? Mungkin pernah tapi adakah kita bertindak buat KPI dan laksanakan KPI tersebut?